August 29th, 2014

Nanex Canada Inc. and Pieroway Rod Company announce partnership to develop nanotechnology solutions

Water Strider treated Dry Flies

Nanex Canada is proud to announce a new partnership with Pieroway Rod Company Canada to develop Water Skater, a new line of super-hydrophobic fly fishing accessories. This partnership brings together Pieroway’s experience in the design and manufacture of innovative fly fishing rods, with Nanex’s experience in super-hydrophobic nano-coatings.

“Combining old-world craftsmanship with next generation nanotechnology is exactly the type of innovation which Nanex has always pursued.” said Clayton Berg, President of Nanex Canada. “Having the opportunity to partner our Canadian subsidiary with Canada’s only manufacturer of fly fishing rods creating the world’s first nanotechnology incorporated fly fishing equipment is a privilege for Nanex and one we are sure many enthusiasts will benefit from.”

“The extreme water repellency demonstrated by this powerful new formula makes it ideal for many facets of fly fishing.  Fly tiers love it to dress feathers prior to tying dry flies.  Dry fly enthusiasts and grease liners alike are raving about it.  We love it because it protects the floating fly lines we sell and it is also proving to extend the life of other equipment we manufacture, such as the cork handles on our fly rods,” said Geoff Pieroway, founder of Pieroway Rod Company Canada.  “We are very excited to have participated in its development and to introduce this innovative and eco-friendly nanotechnology to the fly fishing industry.”

Unlike traditional fly floatants, Water Skater is odourless and will not damage hackles.  From bombers used in salmon fisheries to stoneflies in trout fisheries, Water Skater becomes an effective floatant acting much like the nanogrooves found on the insect of the same name.  It can also be used to recondition floating fly lines that have lost the ability to perform as expected over time.

Pieroway Rod Company will distribute the Water Skater line globally which is expected to launch on October 1, 2014 and retail for CDN$9.99 in a 30-ml pump-spray bottle.  It will also be available in a sifter jar for when a more thorough coating is required.

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