Developed by Whistler Spey casting instructor Brian Niska, the Metal Detector series represent the next generation of high performance spey design.

Featuring a revolutionary new taper concept, these rods represent the evolution of casting efficiency.  These easy casting catapults are capable of generating mega-high line speed and air-tight loops with a minimal amount of effort.  The magic is in the taper design and you will notice that Metal Detectors feel different from anything you have ever cast before.  There are five to choose from:

COMP- a new design concept developed to maximize line speed and flight time for competitive speycasters. In addition to delivering contest ready casting performance, the COMP is a supreme fishing tool wherever long casts make a difference.

MD720 – The perfect rod for large water and the largest salmon and steelhead.  The MD720 will enable you to chuck huge flies and the heaviest of sink-tips with the laser loops you’ve always dreamed of.

MD600 – the ‘rocket launcher’, guaranteed to get you more distance with less effort, even with big tips and large flies. Don’t get fooled by the lightweight of the 600, this powerhouse enables casters of all abilities to fish the whole river with style and ease.

MD510 – smooth as butter, the MD510 is a true all-rounder and rocks equally well with heavy sink tips or dry lines.  If you fish for Steelhead or Atlantic Salmon, this is the only rod you’ll need.

MD400 – A lightweight switch rod that does it all: spey, single-hand, two-hand overhead or single-hand spey.  Equally at home nymphing the eastern slopes as it is swinging streamers for river shadows or beach fishing for sea-run trout, our little switch is a truly versatile fishing tool no matter what species you are fishing for or how you choose to cast.



Model Length (ft) Line (wt) Sections Weight (oz) ($ CDN)
MD400 10’5″ 400 Gr +- 50 4 5 1/2 589.95 BUY
MD510 12′ 510 Gr +- 50 4 7 3/4 599.95 BUY
MD600 12’10” 600 Gr +- 50 4 7 7/8 629.95 BUY
MD720 13’5″ 720 Gr +- 50 4 9 1/4 649.95 BUY
MD800 14′ 800 Gr +- 50 4 9 3/4 699.95 BUY
MDCOMP 15′ 1000 Gr +- 50 4 12 999.95 BUY