The Element Spey series is perfect for the angler that appreciates a versatile easy casting rod.  The deep medium action and extra length of these rods gives them a forgiving quality that casters of all ability levels will appreciate. The E series features classic good looks with metallic copper blanks and stylish trim. Beautiful wood insert reel seats and durable SIC guides make for a rod that is both distinctive and functional.

A super versatile switch that is equally great spey casting, single handing, two hand overhead or single hand spey casting.

This specialty switch is the perfect rod for nymphing out of the boat.  It is also a great choice for Atlantic Salmon anglers looking for delicate dry fly presentation.

An ultra smooth casting Trout spey that is both lightweight and powerful. Well suited to lightweight skagit heads, this rod also works great as a small Steelhead and Salmon rod.

An all around speyrod that is easy casting and fun to fish. From swinging streamers for large Trout in Alaska to Salmon in Newfoundland to Steelhead fishing in BC, this rod does it all.

Classic action rod that excels with dry lines on big water. This rod is up for the challenge anywhere that big anadromous fish are found and long casts are made.



Model Length (ft) Line (wt) Sections Weight (oz) ($ CDN)
E1065 10’6″ 5 4 4 7/8 419.95 BUY
E1166 11’6″ 6 4 5 2/9 429.95 BUY
E1266 12’6″ 6 4 7 1/4 449.95 BUY
E1367 13’6″ 7 4 8 1/7 469.95 BUY
E148 14′ 8 4 8 3/4 499.95 BUY