A rod builder since his early teens Geoff was raised on the island of Newfoundland on Canada’s East Coast. At a young age he was introduced to a life of fly-fishing by his father Roderick, an ardent angler who frequented the local streams and taught Geoff to do what you love to do and you’ll never work another day in your life.

As Geoff entered his teens he found himself completely obsessed with rod building, spending hours on his wood lathe crafting custom reel seats and cork handles. In 2001, almost two decades after buying his first rod blank (financed by the sale of orange bugs and moose hair-wing blue charms) Geoff decided to focus his passion for rod building on designing his own brand of fly rods.

Today the Pieroway Fly Rod Company is based in Western Canada’s trout rich Rocky Mountains and produces an extensive lineup of rods featuring innovative designs utilizing the latest in carbon fibre technology. A big part of Pieroways’ success is the international team of experts that collaborate with Geoff to produce rod models that are superior fishing tools. Whether you’re a dry fly enthusiast looking for delicate presentation or a big water thrill-seeker in need of line speed, Pieroway Rod Company has a rod that is perfect for you.

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